Food Waste to Food Security and Beyond: Identifying Research Gaps Across the Food System

food waste photoNovember 16-17, 2017 | Arlington, VA

The event brought together thought leaders from academia, government and industry to identify key knowledge gaps related to food waste where research support from FFAR would have the greatest impact. Attendees explored areas of research and scientific innovation related to:

– Inefficiencies in agricultural and food production
– Measurement methodologies, monitoring and reporting
– Food waste prevention and reduction
– Alternative uses of both wasted food and the inedible food parts

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Event Recap

A graphic artist captured key moments from the panels and breakout sessions at the Convening Event. See below for the visual summaries of the event:

Panel 1: Setting the Stage – Identifying Food Waste Research Needs Across the Food System Based on Research Findings To-Date

Panel 2: Food Waste Measurement Gaps—Identifying Research Needs Across the Food System Based on Research Findings To-Date 

Panel 3: Prevention & Reduction of Food Waste Generation—Identifying Research Needs Across the Food System Based on Research Findings To-Date


FFAR is pleased to recognize the following Event Sponsors:

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and FMI Foundation