Resilient Agriculture for the 21st Century: Crop Diversity, Nutrition, and Cropping Systems

FFAR and AgLaunch will co-host a convening event to explore the science behind resilient agricultural systems, and build partnerships around creating more resilient agriculture systems through diversity, nutritional focus, and new cropping systems. At this convening event, we will explore areas of research that could fall into the pre-competitive realm with the aim of building partnerships with both potential funders and thought leaders in the field. Through targeted conversations we plan to identify areas that are ripe for partnership to create more resilient agricultural systems. Topics include:

  • Alternative (new) Crops, adaptation of existing crops and diversifying crop systems
    • Domestication
    • Systems: new and existing
    • Nutritious crops
    • Farm-centric innovation models
    • Economics of new cropping systems, crops, and value
  • Properties of new plants and how to get those properties
  • Others
Event Details

Date: November 28-29, 2017
Time: tbd
Location: Memphis, TN

More details coming soon.

Please contact John Reich for more information.