Emily Larkin joined the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) as a development intern in June 2020. In this role, she supports the Development team on research specific to climate change and agriculture.

Her academic and professional interests center on how agricultural development and innovation can address climate challenges. She was the student coordinator of the Urban Food Project in Boston at Emmanuel College. Before pursuing her graduate degree, Larkin spent three years in Morocco teaching English, first on a Fulbright grant and then for Berlitz schools.

During her Fulbright grant, Larkin worked with the Development team as the Ethnographic Field School and Development Intern at Dar Si Hmad, a nonprofit focusing on local and rural development through scientific education and innovation. Larkin previously worked as a project manager at Open Learning Exchange, where she headed an e-learning tech program for Syrian refugee girls.

Larkin comes to FFAR as a master’s student at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, where she studies international development and international economics. She expects her master’s degree from Johns Hopkins in 2021. Larkin holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies from Emmanuel College.

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