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FFAR and U.S. Farmers & Ranchers in Action (USFRA) established AgMission™, an unprecedented initiative mobilizing farmers, ranchers, scientists, data providers, stakeholders and funders to develop and implement climate-smart solutions at scales and rates previously unimagined.

This initiative is underpinned by collaboration across the food and agriculture sectors. To create such wide-scale coordination, we host webinars and convening events to engage agriculture and climate stakeholders. We further use these collaborative opportunities to develop research that reduces emissions, advances climate-smart farming and deploys climate-smart solutions.

Current Openings

AgMission Program Director

We are seeking applications for a program director for AgMission, an unprecedented initiative mobilizing farmers, ranchers, scientists, data providers, stakeholders and funders to develop and implement climate-smart solutions at scales and rates previously unimagined. Candidates must have a strong interest in the intersection between agriculture and climate change with excellent program management skills and experience in working in digital agriculture and/or creating and managing data systems of agricultural relevance.

AgMission Program Director Position Description


No two farms are alike and farmers and ranchers need customized, science-based solutions. This Partnership connects scientists with farmers and ranchers to coordinate research and develop tailored, economically sustainable solutions for individual farms and ranches. 

AgMission will empower U.S. agriculture to reduce GHG emissions while driving an agricultural systems-level change that supports the ability of farmers and ranchers to adopt climate-smart solutions globally and build resilience to climate change.



Building the Base

We assess existing research, data and farmer and rancher networks to avoid duplication, while establishing a coalition of farmers, ranchers, scientists, public and private data providers, stakeholders and funders. This coalition is fostering the collaboration need to drive meaningful change.


Integrating Data

We integrate existing public and private data sets addressing agriculture and climate. This data is crucial to understanding potential emissions reductions, the impact of climate-smart farming on emissions and farm profitability and informing customized climate-smart solutions.


Creating Climate-smart Activation Platform

The next step is developing a platform to help farmers and ranchers implement climate-smart practices and track the impact of these practices.


Accelerating Adoption

We will then test and deploy the platform with farmers, ranchers and partner organizations to maximize emission reductions and sequestrations, as well as profitability, on every acre of US farmland.


Expanding Globally

The final step of this initiative is deploying the Climate-Smart Activation Platform internationally.


Since the Partnership launched in February 2020, FFAR and USFRA initiated several inaugural projects:

  • FFAR and USFRA signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing $1.9 million to support initial activities.
  • Formed an Advisory Council.
  • FFAR hosted a convening event in February 2020 of key agriculture climate stakeholders to explore the needs, obstacles and opportunities for mitigating climate change through agriculture.
  • The Partnership is funding a National Academy of Sciences Review to identify what we know about the benefits and how to best implement specific practices necessary to create negative GHG emissions. The review further creates a Scientific Roadmap to a Carbon Negative Agriculture System to implement the most promising strategies to achieve carbon negative agriculture.
  • The Partnership designed and funded a series of landscape assessments to map existing work in the following areas:
    • Emission research and reduction initiatives;
    • Data networks and protocols; and
    • Existing farmer and rancher networks (in progress).
  • Launch of a capital campaign. 


Your support is needed to activate the potential that lives with our farmers, ranchers and scientists to mitigate climate change. We must transform how we work together to accelerate change, scale impact and generate solutions to save our planet.  Join our community so we can be stronger and better together. 

Make an impact today. Join AgMission.


At our core, PepsiCo is an agriculture company. We source more than 25 crops from over 7 million acres of farmland across 60 different countries. The AgMission partnership will empower us to use that scale and reach to accelerate the world’s understanding of regenerative agriculture, driving progress toward carbon-negative future for the sector. Margaret Henry
Director of Sustainable Agriculture at PepsiCo.

If you have questions about AgMission or would like to get involved, please reach out below.

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