The Food Waste and Loss Challenge Area aims to address the social, economic, and environmental impacts from food waste and food loss. There are tremendous opportunities to influence economic impacts and environmental consequences through reclamation of agricultural products that are lost along the entire food chain. This Challenge Area includes, but is not limited to, research that leads to the development of novel uses for agricultural waste (waste valorization), improves storage and distribution that leads to food loss reduction, develops tracking and monitoring, minimizes spoilage through pre- and post-harvest innovation, and changes behavior to reduce food waste.

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From Food Waste to Food Security and Beyond: Identifying Research Gaps Across the Food System Convening Event

November 16-17, 2017
Arlington, VA

The event brought together thought leaders from academia, government and industry to identify key knowledge gaps related to food waste where research support from FFAR would have the greatest impact. Attendees explored areas of research and scientific innovation related to:

- Inefficiencies in agricultural and food production
- Measurement methodologies, monitoring and reporting
- Food waste prevention and reduction
- Alternative uses of both wasted food and the inedible food parts

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Participants at Day 2 of the FFAR Convening Event on Food Waste and Loss.