FFAR is pleased to recognize the following Affiliated Organizations:

Support FFAR to provide access to nutritious food grown on thriving farms.

  • FFAR recognizes the value of affiliations with external organizations whose missions are compatible with those of FFAR and whose activities align with FFAR in advancing and achieving its mission.

    The relationship and interaction between FFAR and affiliated organizations are defined in an agreement so the interests of FFAR and the affiliated organization do not come into conflict.

    It’s easy to become a FFAR affiliated organization. Following approval, FFAR and its affiliated organizations work together to promote each other’s missions and activities.

  • Cross Promotion: FFAR and its affiliated organizations regularly cross promote events to their stakeholders, increasing the visibility of food and agriculture events across the industry.

    Communications: FFAR recognizes affiliated organizations on the FFAR website and annual report. Throughout the year there are additional opportunities to be recognized in social media and the FFAR newsletter.

    Elevating Science: The future of food and agriculture research is strengthened when organizations come together. Become an affiliated organization to elevate the importance of food and agriculture research.


  • To become affiliated with FFAR, complete and sign the FFAR Affiliated Agreement. Approval of affiliated status is conditional upon a fully executed agreement. To view more click here.

    To learn more about becoming an affiliated organization please contact:

    Maile Hartsook, Development Associate


Contact us to learn more about becoming an Affiliated Organization