Organizations are critical in FFAR’s efforts to shape the future of food and agriculture research

FFAR leverages its $200 million provided by the 2014 Farm Bill by collaborating with corporations, non-profits, trade associations, foundations, and more. FFAR supports research programs designed to spur food and agriculture innovation and elevate the visibility of food and agriculture research in the scientific arena. By investing with FFAR, you become a partner in essential food and agriculture research to solve one of the greatest challenges of our time.

  • FFAR is committed to providing a forum where the food and agriculture communities can work together in a pre-competitive environment. FFAR spearheads consortia, multi-partner, pre-competitive efforts, to leverage the knowledge, capabilities and financial resources of partners to spur innovation in food and agriculture research.

    By joining a FFAR consortium, organizations become leaders in the pre-competitive space and address food and agriculture challenges. FFAR matches each investment for a minimum 1:1 return.

  • Highlight your organization’s commitment to addressing food, agriculture, and environmental challenges by taking part in Foster Our Future, or one of FFAR’s many Convening Events. You can learn more about our current sponsorship opportunities by contacting Renee Bullion at


  • Every dollar your organization gives to FFAR, we can match 1:1 for groundbreaking food and agriculture research. As part of the requirements in the 2014 Farm Bill, FFAR can provide matching funds for innovative research programs from non- U.S. federal sources. By collaborating with FFAR you know your contribution can be leveraged to send a powerful message that you share FFAR’s mission to foster unique partnerships and enhance the resiliency of our food supply. Learn more about the benefits of organization giving here.


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