2022 International Consortium for Antimicrobial Stewardship (ICASA) in Agriculture Funding Opportunity

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Dr. Tim Kurt

Grants Team

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Letters of Intent Due July 27, 2022

Letters of Intent Due: July 27, 2022

Submitting a LOI/pre-application is required to submit a full application.

Full Application Receipt Open: August 24, 2022

Only open to applicants invited to submit a full application.

Full Applications Due: October 5, 2022

Award Notification: Winter 2022

Anticipated Project Start Date: Early 2023

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The International Consortium for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Agriculture (ICASA) – is soliciting Letters of Intent (LOI) for research concepts for potential funding and collaboration. ICASA, a public-private partnership, is focused on antibiotic stewardship in animal agriculture and has committed to investing in research to accelerate innovation and antibiotic stewardship across the livestock supply chain.

ICASA is seeking novel research that improves our understanding of liver abscess pathobiology, epidemiology and metaphylactic treatment in beef cattle. LOIs should be relevant to commercial production systems, breeds and management practices in the US. While some research results may not be ready for field application at this early stage, applicants may describe how the results of their work could be further developed towards the goal of supply chain implementation/adoption.

LOIs should demonstrate a thorough understanding of existing literature and plans for integrated Extension activities and/or widescale dissemination of results and educational materials to producers and/or allied industry.

A maximum request of up to $300,000 dollars is available per project. Projects up to 2 years in length are eligible for funding. ICASA anticipates awarding approximately $1-2 million under this funding opportunity.

Application Guidelines

Are matching funds required for this opportunity?

Yes, matching funds are required.

Am I eligible to apply?

ICASA welcomes applications from all domestic and international higher education institutions, non-profit and for-profit organizations, and government-affiliated research agencies.

Any individual(s) with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to perform the proposed research as Program Director(s)/Principal Investigator(s) may apply through their home institution or organization.

How do I apply?

All applications must be submitted through FFAR’s online application Grant Management System. If the applicant is a new user, they must register for an account by clicking the green “Register” button at the top right corner of FFAR’s Grants Management System home page. Once a user is registered and a confirmation email is received, the user can activate the account, and once logged in, click on the ICASA link to start the application.

Only applications submitted by the deadline through FFAR’s Grant Management System will be accepted and considered eligible for evaluation. To be fair to all our applicants, FFAR will not grant extensions to applicants who missed the deadlines.

How will my proposal be evaluated?

Qualifications and Research Environment (20%)

  • Has the principal investigator assembled a qualified research team with access to the appropriate field and laboratory facilities?
  • Does the application identify how/why ICASA is uniquely positioned to fund this project?
  • Does the applicant leverage partnerships to achieve outcomes?

Feasibility (20%)

  • What is the likelihood for successful project completion?
  • Does the application include appropriately thorough, tractable, and feasible methods?
  • Does the applicant identify and propose to mitigate potential risks?
  • Is the budget justified by the work and potential outcomes outlined? 
  • (20%)

Strategic Impact (30%)

  • Does the research have potential for high impact on antibiotic stewardship?
  • How significant, i.e. transformative, are the potential outcomes of the project? 
  • How novel, innovative and original is the research idea?

Potential Outcomes (30%)

  • Does the application include an adequate data management plan?
  • Does the application emphasize scalability and present a plan for disseminating the project outcomes?
  • How does the applicant address potential barriers to adoption?
  • What is the potential for supply chain adoption of the research results/recommendations? (While some research results may not be ready for field application at this early stage, applicants may describe how the results of their work could be further developed towards the goal of supply chain implementation/adoption).
Who can I contact for assistance?

For questions related to the online submission system, please contact FFAR’s Grant Management team at grants@foundationfar.org.

For questions related to ICASA, please email tkurt@FoundationFAR.org.We only accept scientific or programmatic and grants inquiries by email.

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