The FFAR Overcoming Water Scarcity Scientific Program aims to increase the efficiency of water use in agriculture, reduce agricultural water pollution, and develop water reuse technologies.

Components of a comprehensive and strategic approach to water scarcity include:

  • Irrigation
  • Plant Efficiency
  • Water Reuse/Recovery
  • Groundwater Recharge
  • Systems in Agriculture


The FFAR Overcoming Water Scarcity Scientific Program will focus on identifying research that contributes to understanding and addressing issues of water scarcity, while addressing the social and economic realities that challenge farmers, ranchers, private businesses and other stakeholders in meeting the demand for increased productivity and limited resource availability.

Download the full Overcoming Water Scarcity Vision Statement for more information.

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Open Funding Opportunities

There are no open funding opportunities for Overcoming Water Scarcity at this time.

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There are no upcoming events scheduled. Below is a review of past events in this area:

Irrigation Innovation Consortium Convening Event

Thank you to the 40+ attendees who joined FFAR at the Water for Food Global Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. More than 15 companies and more than 20 universities, nonprofits, and government organizations gathered to discuss potential opportunity for collaborative research to advance irrigation. The invite-only discussion was designed to inform a future collaborative effort to address water scarcity through research.