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In a secure containment facility in Athens, Georgia, veterinary pathologist David Swayne and microbiologist Joan Beck (retired) determine the success of a new vaccine technology by taking throat swabs from chickens.Program Overview

When emergency situations arise, response time is critical. The Rapid Outcomes from Agricultural Research (ROAR) program, created by FFAR, provides nimble deployment of funds to support research and outreach in the event of an emerging or unanticipated threat to the nation’s food supply or agricultural systems. ROAR fills the gap until traditional, longer-term funding sources can be secured.

To accelerate the deployment of funds and corresponding outreach and extension, ROAR participants form a commodity-based consortium and enter into an agreement with FFAR. This agreement is designed to ensure broad community participation and the quick release of funds.


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Please contact Dr. Tim Kurt, Scientific Program Director:

tkurt@foundationfar.org | 202.816.1884

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