It’s time to Seed Our Future. The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) is offering free pollinator seed packets so backyards and urban green spaces across the country can support pollinators. We’ll be participating too with our own FFAR pollinator garden, and hope you’ll join us.

Fill out this form with 1-2 sentences on why you’d like to receive seeds and why pollinator health is important to you, and we’ll choose the top recipients to receive pollinator seed packets on our dime. Or you can email directly.

What's the buzz about pollinators?

Polllinators provide 1/3 of every bite of food we eat. A majority of the world’s crops depend on pollinators, and some crops, like blueberries and cherries, are 90% dependent on pollinators. From the field to the supermarket, we rely on pollinators to maintain the global food supply.i  Pollinators are more than just bees: butterflies, bats, lemurs, and more than 200,000 other species are essential to our daily lives.ii

Pollinator health is in serious jeopardy. During the last 50 years, our pollinator population has suffered serious losses from diseases, habitat losses, and invasive species.iii That’s why the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research started the Pollinator Health Fund: a $14 million investment to improve pollinator health. By working alongside this initiative, we know Seed our Future will make a difference in the future of pollinator health.


We’re joining the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge to amplify our program, so BEE sure to register your pollinator garden- you might even become the millionth site!


Special thanks to Roundstone Native Seeds for providing the seed packets and contributing to Seed Our Future!