By 2050 our current food system will not feed the world population. The power of your philanthropy allows the best and brightest scientists to uncover innovative and transformative discoveries to feed the world. Every dollar of your support could be the turning point in one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Support FFAR to provide access to nutritious food grown on thriving farms.


    • FFAR focuses on research that yields tangible results and impact. Our work has the potential to truly transform the current food system, ensuring that future generations have access to nutritious food.

      $153 million
      invested in food and
      agriculture projects

      universities and nonprofits
      performing game-changing research

      $9 million
      invested in early
      career scientists

      of lives impacted
      around the world

    • FFAR has a flexible and nimble model that makes it exceptionally positioned to facilitate the unique partnerships necessary to fund research in the pre-competitive space.

      By bringing together experts from the academic, public, private, and non-governmental sectors together, it enables discussion and discovery to offer solutions to our increasingly unstable food system. With FFAR’s unique connections to the public sector as well as its dedication to innovation, the potential to impact the world of food and agriculture is limitless.

      FFAR seeks contributors to help leverage the $200M provided by the 2014 Farm Bill. FFAR can match $1 for $1 contributions made directly to FFAR by non-federal, external public, private and non-profit sector contributors to support programs and activities. By partnering in support of FFAR’s mission, you join us in tackling today’s challenges in food and agriculture. Your involvement will directly support the nation’s investment in applicable and cutting-edge research.

      By investing with FFAR you become a central partner in essential agricultural research and development.

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