Young female farmer using a digital tablet

About FFAR

We connect funders, researchers and farmers through public-private partnerships to support audacious research addressing the biggest food and agriculture challenges.

Our world is changing rapidly. Farmers are facing extreme weather, diminishing natural resources and a growing global demand for their crops. This is where we come in. Our unique public-private partnership model allows us to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to identify research opportunities  that help farmers adapt to these challenges. 

We advance food and agriculture science to develop tools, technologies and information that benefit farmers, consumers and the environment. 

FFAR’s Vision

We envision a world in which pioneering, collaborative science provides every person access to affordable, nutritious food grown on thriving farms.

FFAR’s Mission

We build collaborative partnerships to support audacious science addressing today’s food and agriculture challenges.

Our Values


We are an audacious organization, building bold partnerships to fund pioneering research.


We are committed to building public-private partnerships that provide an inclusive, collaborative space to fund research that achieves a common goal.


We employ a rigorous scientific review process that produces credible results benefiting the public and private sectors.


We pioneer scientific exploration, expanding the frontiers of food and agriculture research to develop solutions that benefit farmers and consumers.


We agilely approach research and partnerships from multiple perspectives to identify connections across disciplines and opportunities that benefit multiple stakeholders.