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Efficient Fertilizer Consortium

The Efficient Fertilizer Consortium is a public-private partnership that funds research to advance enhanced efficiency and novel fertilizer products and practices that are environmentally beneficial and agronomically productive.

Working to Address the Global Fertilizer Challenge

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Program Contact

Dr. Sarah Lyons

Development Contact

Sergio Furman

View the Efficient Fertilizer Consortium white paper for more background and detailed information about enhanced efficiency and novel fertilizer technologies.

Download a short summary of the white paper.

Why the Efficient Fertilizer Consortium is Needed

Numerous innovative fertilizer products are currently available; however, there is a lack of rigorous scientific evidence validating the efficacy of these products despite positive agronomic and environmental claims. With increasing pressure to mitigate nutrient loss while maintaining or increasing crop yields, farmers need accurate, science-based information about products and practices that work in a range of different farm systems and climates to make informed nutrient management decisions. Increasing fertilizer use efficiency through new technology and best nutrient management practices is an important lever to reduce the impact of fertilizer shortages on food security now and into the future with important environmental co-benefits including reducing nitrous oxide pollution.

Research Focus

The Efficient Fertilizer Consortium is funding research that will help farmers use novel and current fertilizers more efficiently, improve soil fertility, decrease input costs, reduce nitrous oxide emissions, and improve global food security.

Background and Research Priorities

The Efficient Fertilizer Consortium is part of the Global Fertilizer Challenge, an international effort to strengthen food security and reduce agricultural emissions, launched by President Biden in 2022 at the Major Economies Forum.

The Efficient Fertilizer Consortium is a 4.5-year public-private partnership that is funding applied research that accelerates development and wider adoption of novel fertilizers that increase nutrient-use efficiency and reduce loss to the environment through nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, leaching, and/or runoff. The Consortium is a vehicle for collaboration and exposure to new ideas that also leverages resources, de-risks research and development, and accelerates solutions for end users.

Research priorities include:

  • Improve nutrient management, increase fertilizer efficiency, and develop fertilizer alternatives to alleviate pressure on both food and fertilizer supply as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Quantify the environmental impact of current and novel fertilizers, provide support for farmers and retailers making management decisions, and conduct independent assessments to ground industry claims.
  • Improve emissions factors for nitrogen fertilizers to distinguish alternative types and managements and improve accuracy in government and corporate emissions reporting.
  • Advance the development of alternative fertilizers to improve efficiency and global access.
  • Establish common protocols for field trials looking at agronomic performance and environmental impact.
  • Conduct field trials to evaluate enhanced efficiency fertilizers and novel products across a range of geographic locations, climates, soil types and cropping systems.

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