The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research congratulates the inaugural winners of the New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award. 

2016 New Innovators

About the New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award
The Award  funds new faculty and their teams of undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral scholars to conduct innovative research with potential to expand the availability of food and facilitate the global practice of sustainable agriculture as the world’s population grows to more than 9 billion people by the year 2050. The program is intended to shine a spotlight on food and agriculture sciences and elevate the field in the scientific arena.

FFAR will award each recipient up to $100,000 per year for three years with an additional $100,000 required cash match for a total award of up to $600,000.

Questions? Please email Dr. Lucyna Kurtyka at

The Importance of Supporting New Innovators:

  • Investing a substantial amount in faculty members within the first three years of their careers will allow them to pursue innovative and transformational ideas uninhibited by the pressure of identifying their next grant.
  • Funding early career faculty is one important way to cultivate a creative workforce who will train, encourage, and inspire future generations of agricultural and food scientists.
  • This award is an important step in making agriculture an attractive field for aspiring scientists, whose need to “follow the money” often leads them to direct their research away from agriculture.

Join the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research in supporting the next generation of food and agriculture scientists. 

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a sponsoring partner in this effort, please email Renee Bullion, Director of Development.

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