Research Project: Understanding Nutrition through Biomics

The interactions between food and the human body are complex, involving multiple organ physiology on all levels of regulation namely, genes, proteins and metabolites. Understanding these interactions is fundamental to enhancing our understanding of nutrition. However, most evidence on nutrient derived health benefits comes from limited research or observational human studies. This is particularly true of dairy foods, especially cheese. To validate the observational studies and explain the underlying molecular interactions, Dr. Amalaradjou will investigate the effect of dairy foods on gut health using a mouse model.  This research will provide a comprehensive and deeper understanding of the molecular interactions that promote the health benefits associated with dairy consumption.  Advancing nutritional knowledge will provide science-based food awareness that can help promote healthful food choices.  In addition, in-depth understanding of interactions between nutrition and the host will help develop evidence-based dietary interventions in the prevention and management of chronic diseases.

About Dr. Amalaradjou

Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

New InnovatorDr. Amalaradjou’s research program focuses on understanding how nutrition influences our health and well-being. Major efforts in her lab are directed towards i) elucidating the molecular cross talk between diet and host on all levels of regulation namely, genes, proteins and metabolites ii) comprehending the influence of diet on the gut microbiome and subsequently their transgenomic metabolic interactions iii) developing evidence-based dietary interventions for restoring health and preventing chronic pathologies. Through all aspects of her research, Mary Anne’s overall objective is to advance nutritional knowledge and create social awareness thereby promoting positive dietary changes and healthy food choices.

Dr. Amalaradjou earned her Ph.D. in Animal Science from the University of Connecticut in 2010, her M.S. in Veterinary Science (Biochemistry) from the Indian Veterinary Research Institute in 2004, and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Pondicherry University in 2002.