Tipping Points Webinar

Tipping Points Program Webinar: 
A Quest to Unravel the Complexities of 
Local Food Systems and Health 
June 19, 2017 | 2:00 PM Eastern Time
Program Overview
FFAR Scientific Program Director, John Reich, will present the pilot program, Tipping Points. The program aims to use a systems-level approach to improve health through food system interventions. Tipping Points will incorporate multiple interacting parts within a community to determine:
  • How the multitude of interventions in a community add up to food security and health
  • How to create successful models for which interventions work
  • How to combine interventions that lead to greater overall health improvements
  • Tipping points that lead to improved health and access to food
Here’s what you will learn during the webinar…
  • How applying to the program can decrease food insecurity, increase positive health outcomes, and potentially spur economic development within your region
  • What the impact goals of the Tipping Points program are
  • Why data collection and system modeling go hand in hand
  • How becoming a National Strategic Partner gives you a seat at the table in the region selection process
Who should join the webinar?
  • Local community groups invested in creating sustainable holistic change for their residents
  • Foundations, Corporations, and other groups interested in being a funding partner to leverage their dollars and create greater social impact
  • Academics, i.e, mathematicians, computer scientists, public health professionals, social scientists, food system professionals, etc.