Vision and Mission

We build unique partnerships to support innovative science addressing today’s food and agriculture challenges.

With 9.7 billion people projected to populate the world by 2050, our food system must evolve. Sustainably nourishing the growing global community demands transformative discoveries from the best and brightest scientists. The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research brings together leading experts to identify and investigate the researchable questions whose answers have the potential to enhance the economic and environmental resilience of our food supply.

We envision a world in which ever-innovating and collaborative science provides every person access to affordable, nutritious food grown on thriving farms.

We believe that by working together, our vibrant research community of nonprofits, foundations, governments, individual researchers and producers, colleges and universities, and companies can support and implement the science we need to meet our common goal: to grow enough food, in an economically, environmentally, and sustainable way, to nourish the growing US and global population that are food insecure.  Part of our role in this collaborative effort is to convene individuals and groups who can pool creative ideas, expertise and resources so that we can make a difference, together.


As a developing organization, grounding our growth in shared beliefs is critical to success.  Our commitment to excellence, people and partnerships, innovation and integrity are at the root of who we are, what we do, and how we work.


We support science that shows potential to propel food and agriculture forward with real-world results. We strive to work effectively, operate nimbly, and respond rapidly to emerging challenges that can be addressed through research. We constantly seek scientific opportunities that can be seized for the benefit of the food and agriculture system.

People and Partnership

We need not only brilliant minds, but also fresh perspectives tackling today’s challenges in food and agriculture. We embrace diversity and promote inclusiveness in all we do, from the teams we build to the grantees we support.

Our research programs incorporate stakeholder input to drive outcomes that are not just scientifically sound, but also economically viable. We work to create opportunities where they didn’t exist before.

Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research partnerships are built on trust, shared goals, and the knowledge that we can accomplish more together with our partners than we would alone.


With each project, we survey the field for research and development needs that are not being met elsewhere. We strive to catalyze transformative, real-world results and to do so, we welcome creative partnership models and research designs that challenge the status quo to produce knowledge that benefits end users.


Commitment to high ethical and professional standards is the foundation for all we do. We hold ourselves accountable to the public we serve by honoring fair, transparent policies and processes and seeking stakeholder input frequently. We are responsible stewards of public funds and the public trust.

We base research priorities on sound science, broad input and the potential for public benefit. The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research supports the best science regardless of the source by adhering to a merit-based review process.