Vision and Mission

We build unique partnerships to support innovative science addressing today’s food and agriculture challenges.

With 9.7 billion people projected to populate the world by 2050, our food system must evolve. Sustainably nourishing the growing global community demands transformative discoveries from the best and brightest scientists. The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research brings together leading experts to identify and investigate the researchable questions whose answers have the potential to enhance the economic and environmental resilience of our food supply.

We envision a world in which ever-innovating and collaborative science provides every person access to affordable, nutritious food grown on thriving farms.

We believe that by working together, our vibrant research community of nonprofits, foundations, governments, individual researchers and producers, colleges and universities, and companies can support and implement the science we need to meet our common goal: to grow enough food, in an economically, environmentally, and sustainable way, to nourish the growing US and global population that are food insecure.  Part of our role in this collaborative effort is to convene individuals and groups who can pool creative ideas, expertise and resources so that we can make a difference, together.



FFAR is an audacious organization that builds bold partnerships to funds pioneering research.


FFAR is committed to building public-private partnerships that provide an open, collaborative space to fund research that achieves a common goal.


FFAR employs a rigorous scientific review process that produces credible results benefitting the public and private sectors.


FFAR is pioneering scientific exploration, expanding the frontiers of food and agriculture research to develop solutions that benefit farmers and consumers.


FFAR agilely approaches research and partnerships from multiple perspectives to identify connections across disciplines and opportunities for results that benefit multiple stakeholders.