Magda Galindo

Magda Galindo

Director of Grants Management

Magda Galindo joined the Foundation for Food & Agricultural Research (FFAR) as a director of grants management in November 2020. In this role, she oversees the grants management team, including overseeing the administration of all FFAR’s grants and all stages of the grant-making process.

Previously, she was the director of research and community programs at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) where she had oversight of their Research Programs Department and its administration which included managing ADA’s multi-million research funding budget as well as the oversight of over 250 research funded projects.

Galindo has more than twenty years of experience working with non-profit organizations including ADA and the Foundation of the National Institutes of Health. Galindo is passionate about managing and promoting the importance of research funding as well as health and community programs to help those in underrepresented areas.

In her spare time, Galindo enjoys time with her family, participating in a soccer league, being outdoors, as well as watching movies and reading.