Irrigation Innovation Consortium

The Irrigation Innovation Consortium (IIC) is a collaborative research effort accelerating the development and adoption of water and energy efficient irrigation technologies.

Generating Sustainable Water Management Solutions

Program Contact

Dr. Kathleen Boomer

Development Contact

Catherine Maxwell

The IIC promotes and enhances water and energy efficiency in irrigation, ultimately creating greater resiliency in food and irrigated landscape systems.

Research projects focus on:

  • Water and energy efficiency
  • Remote sensing and big data applications for improving water management
  • Irrigation technology acceleration
  • Technology transfer

The IIC’s overarching goal is to create an internationally recognized, self-sustaining center of excellence that promotes and enhances water and energy efficiency in irrigation.

Why the IIC is Needed

Water is a crucial part of agriculture and we need innovations that preserve this precious resource.

We launched the IIC in 2018 with a $5 million contribution, which is matched by consortium participants to generate at least $10 million supporting pioneering irrigation research.

The IIC’s collaborative partnerships increase access to information and technical expertise. These strategic public-private partnerships catalyze technology development and enhance strategies for irrigation efficiency.

Through the IIC, industry and the public sector co-develop, test and prototype equipment, technology and information systems. This research is equipping farms of the future with cutting-edge technology that enhances irrigation efficiency.

Colorado State University manages the IIC. For more information, visit the IIC website.

Related grants about Irrigation Innovation Consortium

Irrigation Innovation Consortium Funds Seven Research Projects

Awarded Amount $533,126   
Year 2021
Matching Funders The consortium, which is headquartered at Colorado State University, includes four other U.S. land-grant universities: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Kansas State University, Texas A&M University and California State University-Fresno. The consortium’s founding and sustaining industry partners are: FFAR, Aqua Engineering, Irrigation Association, JAIN Irrigation, LI-COR, Lindsay Corporation, Northern Water, Valmont, Hunter Industries, Toro, Rubicon, Colorado Corn Growers Association and Senniger Irrigation Inc.

Irrigation Innovation Consortium

Awarded Amount $5,000,000   
Year 2018
Matching Funders Aqua Engineering Inc., Colorado Corn, Colorado State University, Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska (DWFI), Fresno State Center for Irrigation Technology, Irrigation Association (IA), Jain Irrigation, Kansas State Research and Extension - Kansas State University, Lindsay Corporation, Northern Water, Rubicon Water, Senninger Irrigation Inc., Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Valmont

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