A Place for Everyone in Agriculture

Dr. LaKisha Odom & Jocelyn Hittle

Washington, D.C. & Denver, Col.

CSU Spur of the Moment Podcast

Dr. LaKisha Odom is a FFAR scientific program director, where she promotes the use of innovative science and interdisciplinary thinking to tackle today’s complex food and agriculture challenges. She is also committed to cultivating increased diversity in a new generation of food and agriculture scientists.

I feel like agriculture is this amazing gift of a field because there isn’t anything you are interested in that you can’t do in Agriculture. LaKisha Odom, Ph.D.
Scientific Program Director
Sustaining Vibrant Agroecosystems

Jocelyn Hittle, Associate Vice Chancellor of Colorado State University’s (CSU) Spur Campus & Special Projects, invited Odom to discuss her work at FFAR, her career path and her efforts to promote diversity in agriculture on the CSU’s Spur of the Moment Podcast.

Hosted by Hittle, Spur of the Moment tackles the issues of food, water, health and sustainability by talking with people making a difference in these fields and exploring the unique pathways that have led them to their current roles.

Episode: A Place for Everyone in Agriculture

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A Place for Everyone in Agriculture, CSU Spur of the Moment, Special guest: Dr. LaKisha Odom.

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