Stakeholder Notice

In accordance with requirements in the 2018 Farm Bill, below is our Stakeholder Notice with information about upcoming funding opportunities, the application review process and where to find the latest FFAR news and updates.

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

We host numerous funding competitions to advance work on specific aspects of each Challenge Area.

We also offer Scientific Workforce Development funding opportunities that support early-career scientists working in food and agriculture. These programs build the scientific expertise today that will be critical to the food and agriculture industry in the future.

All FFAR funding opportunities programs are listed on the Open Opportunities page and publicly announced in the News section.

Application Review Process

Every grant we award is evaluated using a rigorous scientific review process to ensure every grant results in actionable, pioneering science.

We typically evaluate program proposals based on several review criteria:

  • Impact & Relevance
  • Scientific or Technical Merit
  • Program Strategy and Feasibility
  • Pioneering Innovation
  • Outcomes & Evaluation
  • Organizational Capacity/Research Environment
  • Project Director & Key Personnel Qualifications

We customize the review criteria and weighting for some programs based on the program priorities. In such cases, the review criteria are outlined in the Request for Application.

We ask that our reviewers provide comments on criteria for evaluation after each review to continually improve the evaluation process.

Finding the Latest FFAR News

We regularly communicate with the media, stakeholders and the public through press releases, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn) and a monthly newsletter. All press releases are distributed via email and featured on the website’s News section.

We welcomes any questions, which can be emailed to We also host a townhall-style Public Conversation each October to engage with the public and the food and agriculture community.

Additionally, we highlight our yearly activities in the Annual Report. These reports as well as summaries from earlier Public Conversations, governance documents and financial information can be viewed on the Governance section of the website.

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