Now Accepting Applications to Join the FFAR Expert Reviewer Database

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) seeks expert reviewers from academia, federal and state governments, industry, commodity groups, professional organizations, and other stakeholder groups to evaluate research proposals submitted in response to calls for proposals in the following challenge areas.

  • Soil Health
  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Next Generation Crops
  • Advanced Animal Systems
  • Urban Food Systems
  • Health-Agriculture Nexus

FFAR will establish a database of experts, who will be asked to serve as peer reviewers based on each individual’s balance of scientific expertise and experience as deemed appropriate for evaluating the specific research proposal.  To be considered, applicants should have expertise in any of the following topic areas:

  • Agricultural water management and use
  • Soil health
  • Farm animal productivity, resilience, and health
  • Plant sciences
  • Nutrition and consumer food choices
  • Food production system
  • Biotechnology
  • Socioeconomics

Selected experts will evaluate proposals against criteria established by FFAR, and provide comments and scores which will form the bases of the FFAR funding decision.  The evaluation will be done using an e-grantmaking website, proposalCentral.  Reviewers will be offered honoraria.

The experts’ working language should be English; a good ability to write and discuss in English is an essential requirement.

Submission of Application for Consideration

The call for experts is open without deadline.  Interested parties are invited to submit a curriculum vitae (CV) to the “Apply Now” button below.  The CV should include a description of education, work experience, and a list of peer-reviewed publications.  Experts will be placed in the FFAR database.

Managing Conflicts of Interest

In addition to the CV, applicants must submit the self-identified conflict of interest (COI) form and sign a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement. The COI form will be reviewed annually.  Should a conflict of interest arise in the interim between annual revisions, it is incumbent on the expert reviewer to notify FFAR immediately.





Download Call for Experts (PDF)