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Addressing Impediments and Incentives for Agricultural Reuse

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET


  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Panel Discussion

This webcast is free and open to the public.

The most successful agricultural water reuse projects invariably address multiple objectives and deliver co-benefits to diverse stakeholders. They do this through early, ongoing and strategic stakeholder engagement and partnerships. However, wide-ranging—yet surmountable—barriers and tradeoffs hinder the realization of these benefits and scaling reuse.

This webcast will be based on The Water Resource Foundation’s project 4956, Addressing Impediments and Incentives for Agricultural Reuse, and features a guidebook highlighting specific strategies for addressing barriers to agricultural water reuse. Presenters will share key findings and resources from the project guidebook, including a summary of thirteen illustrative profiles of the projects and programs advancing agricultural water reuse in the United States. This webcast will equip stakeholders with additional resources on strategies for evaluating, incentivizing and overcoming common barriers to agricultural water reuse projects across diverse geographic and agricultural contexts.



  • Harry Zhang, Ph.D., PE, Research Program Manager for Integrated Water and Stormwater, The Water Research Foundation