Biostimulants Convening Event

March 5, 2020

Portland, OR, USA

  • Convening Event

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The inclusion of a description of a plant biostimulant in the Farm Bill represents a monumental development in the long-term goal of understanding and recognizing these beneficial products. The new language in the Farm Bill supports the development of new sustainable technologies for U.S. agriculture and its farmers.

However, there is a research gap in several aspects including efficacy and optimal application rates, particularly within the context of how biostimulants can be used to reduce fertilizer and pesticide inputs while maintaining or enhancing crop yields and/or quality, improving soil health and water quality on large scale.

FFAR in conjunction with Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA) is seeking to identify areas of potential research. Additional topics of interest in this meeting would be discussion surrounding the integration of biostimulant products into agricultural systems, the need for best management practices and protocols to increase adoption of these products and what role these products have in improving sustainability in Agricultural systems.

This meeting is invite only. Please contact Dr. LaKisha Odom with any questions.

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