GOAT 2022

The Omega Institute
150 Lake Dr. Rhinebeck, NY

The Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology (GOAT) 2022 is a community brainstorming event that brings together farmers and scientists in the data interoperability and open-source space. The program is hosted by FFAR’s grantees and partners at OpenTEAM and Purdue OATS, who have collaborated with FFAR on similar events in the past.

The event is a five-day gathering of diverse developers and users of open ag technology, including traditional hardware and software, but also mechanical tools and any domains relating to the creation of that hardware. The topics discussed will be derived directly from the values and needs of the attendees. Members of the ag tech community will “take off their institutional hats” and participate simply as members of the open-ag-tech community. The last two days of the conference are the time for attendees to start working on actionable items inspired by the conference.