Lunch-N-Learn: Prioritizing Public-Private Partnerships for Agriculture Research

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT
1302 Longworth House Office Building

  • Panel Discussion

Join the National Coalition for Food and Agriculture Research (NCFAR) for a discussion about the necessity of public-private partnerships in driving American research competitiveness and how FFAR is moving the needle on this research.


About NCFAR’s Lunch-N-Learn Series: 

NCFAR is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, consensus-based, and customer-led coalition that brings together food, agriculture, nutrition, conservation, and natural resource stakeholders to serve as a forum and unified voice supporting increased federal investment in USDA Research, Education, and Economics (USDA REE). NCFAR’s popular “Lunch-N-Learn” series and webinars feature experts from institutions across the country sharing expertise on a wide range of topics to show the value of public investment in food and agricultural research.