PTFI: Unlocking Food Composition to Revolutionize Human and Planetary Health

  • Health-Agriculture Nexus
  • Informational Session

This side event at the Annual Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy Week features the efforts of the Periodic Table of Food Initiative (PTFI), a global participatory effort to create an open-access data resource on comprehensive biochemical profiles of the planet’s edible biodiversity.

Join us as we map out:

  • Challenges and opportunities for evaluating food composition
  • Basics of food biochemical profiling
  • Applications for informing data-driven solutions
  • Needs and opportunities for capacity strengthening


  • Bruce German, Professor of Food Science and Technology, University of California at Davis
    • Topic: Food Vision
  • Tracy Shafizadeh, Director of Programs and Partnerships, Verso Biosciences
    • Topic: ‘Foodomics’ 101
  • Selena Ahmed, Global Director of the Periodic Table of Food Initiative, American Heart Association
    • Topic: Overview of the Periodic Table of Food Initiative
  • Maya Rajasekharan, Director of Strategy Integration and Engagement of the Periodic Table of Food Initiative, Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT
    • Topic: Global Capacity Strengthening


Periodic Table of Food Initiative Funders:

Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research

The Rockefeller Foundation

Seerave Foundation

Periodic Table of Food Initiative Secretariat:

American Heart Association

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

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Find out more about PTFI here.

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