Terra-Fresh Symposium: Connecting small growers to fresh produce markets

January 14, 2022

SkySong 1, Rm 201 Global
1475 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

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  • Health-Agriculture Nexus
  • Informational Session

Technology-Enabled, Rapid-Response Fresh (TERRA-FRESH) is an integrated planning and coordination environment that seeks to exploit the new technological realities of the supply chain of fresh agricultural products for the benefit of growers, consumers and the environment.

TERRA-FRESH aims to achieve benefits through:

  • Increased profitability of growers, particularly small growers
  • Greater availability of affordable, nutritious food for consumers
  • Reduction of food waste through the supply chain

This event, hosted by Arizona State University’s International Logistics and Productivity Improvement Lab, will discuss advances in:

  • Use of data mining and artificial intelligence tools to identify market opportunities for small growers
  • Planning tools to build short supply chain to procure local and organic products
  • Efficient logistics for small harvests of fresh products
  • Marketplace tools for spot and forward sales negotiation
  • Stackable, insulated, refrigerated mini-containers measuring four square feet, called “FreshKubes,” that will allow small growers to pack independently and ship collaboratively. These Lego-like, smart devices developed at Arizona State University, can be interconnected to reach the volume necessary for a full freight load.

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