Tipping Points Webinar

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST


  • Urban Food Systems
  • Informational Session

This webinar will discuss the unique Tipping Points program and grantees’ results, findings and exciting outcomes. There will be opportunity for Q&A.

Food systems are interconnected to a multitude of regional systems impacting their ability to provide nutritious and affordable foods to the populations they serve. However, not all food systems are created equally, and many low-income residents in American cities lack access to affordable, nutritious foods.

FFAR launched the Tipping Points program in 2018 and awarded five grants to multidisciplinary research teams to explore the complexities of local food systems and to build mathematical and computational models of how factors and interventions within local food systems interact. The Tipping Points program aimed to identify leverage, or tipping points in food systems where specific changes can improve overall community health and the economy. By modeling aspects of regional food systems including food waste, food distribution, regional procurement and local nutritional security interventions grantees aimed to reduce food insecurity, improve health and enhance economic outcomes.

FFAR hosted the Tipping Points Grantee Webinar to:

  1. Share and promote the results of the Tipping Points grant.
  2. Highlight new projects that have developed from this grant.
  3. Highlight the collaborative and joint learning across teams from multiple regions/communities.

Watch the recorded webinar below

FFAR Awards $4.4 Million to Research Teams Working to Transform Food Systems

FFAR Awards $4.4 Million to Research Teams Working to Transform Food Systems in Colorado, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Texas to Deliver Better Health, Economic Opportunities for Urban Communities