Toward a True Systems Approach to Reducing Food Loss and Waste from Farm-to-Table

March 15, 2022 – March 16, 2022


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  • Health-Agriculture Nexus
  • Informational Session

Reducing food waste and loss and enhancing the sustainability of global food systems is a hot topic. However, the subject is a lot more complicated and complex than some may think. This virtual symposium will not only address different implementation ready and emerging technology solutions, but also will discuss the economics of food waste and loss reduction and the implementation challenges. The symposium is designed to provide valuable information for industry and those interested in making decisions as to how to reduce food waste and loss as well as funding agencies and academics, who would like to better understand the challenges and opportunities in this field.

Hosted by the Cornell University Department of Food Science in partnership with FFAR.

Cornell Institute for Food Systems (CIFS)
Cornell Institute for Digital Agriculture (CIDA)
Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability (ACSF)
Food Industry Management Program (FIMP)
Business of Food (BoF)

Full Schedule

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