About the FFAR Fellows Program

The FFAR Fellows Program will fund 48 graduate students over three years using an interdisciplinary approach to career readiness. Students will pursue research projects in an area of food or agriculture research related to FFAR’s Challenge Areas and strategic initiatives, such as soil health, plant phenomics, precision agriculture, breeding technology, digital agriculture, and sustainable livestock production. In addition to academic advisors, students will be matched with industry mentors who will provide additional career guidance.

The flagship component of the FFAR Fellows Program is the annual professional development workshop. Fellows will convene with industry peers to participate in training for professional and interpersonal skills, such as team building, project and time management, and science communication. These trainings will be complimented by a personalized development plan to help students obtain the professional skills they need to excel in the workforce.

A team at North Carolina State University led by John Dole, Ph.D., will manage the program. The $2.7 million grant will be matched by a consortium of industry leaders dedicated to preparing the agricultural workforce to optimize impact on the future of the industry.

How to Apply

Interested graduate students and advisers should visit www.ffarfellows.org for details on eligibility, application requirements, and fellowship expectations.