Join the Foster Our Future audience spanning the food value chain from government, commodity groups, trade associations, major companies, non-profits/NGO's and influential philanthropists.

Register to attend on Feb. 5, 2020 in Washington, DC at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.


as of January 6, 2020

  • 2Blades Foundation
  • AgLaunch Initiative
  • AGree
  • American Farm Bureau Federation
  • American Feed Industry Association
  • Animal Digestible Food Packaging Initiative
  • Applied LifeSciences & Systems
  • Aspen Institute Congressional Program
  • Associate Director & Regents Professor Emeritus
  • Association of 1890 Research Directors
  • Atalo Holdings, Inc
  • Babylon Micro-Farms, Inc
  • Boyce Thompson Institute
  • Colorado State University
  • Compass Group
  • Council On Dairy Cattle Breeding
  • Delta Institute
  • Discovery Park of America
  • Elo Life Systems
  • Fieldwatch
  • Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research
  • Gardner Mills Group
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Heuristic Management, LLC
  • Institute of Food Technologists
  • Iowa State University
  • Kansas State University
  • Mallett Consultancy
  • Manna Fish Farms, Inc.
  • Marrone Bio Innovations
  • McNamara Research in Agriculture Firm
  • Meridian Institute
  • Michael Torrey Associates
  • Michigan State University
  • Mississippi State University
  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture Research
  • National Pork Board
  • National Pork Producers Counci
  • National Turfgrass Federation
  • North American Millers Association
  • North Carolina State University
  • Ohio State University
  • Open Rivers Consulting
  • Orange County Produce, LLC
  • Oratel Diagnostics
  • Organic Trade Association
  • Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
  • Perdue University
  • Premex inc
  • Purdue University
  • Riverside Strategic Solutions
  • Rodibaugh & Sons
  • Spectrum Nutrition LLC
  • State of Colorado
  • Texas A&M University
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Oppenheimer Group
  • Tuckaway Farm
  • U.S. Poultry & Egg Association
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • University of California Davis
  • University of Georgia
  • University Of Maryland, College Park
  • University of Utah
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Walton Family Foundation
  • World Wildlife Fund


“Great networking opportunity.”

“The fact that I met more new people than I already knew speaks to a well-sourced attendee list.”

“I loved how there were many different activities and speakers to go to, not just one.”

“Diverse set of emerging and interesting topics in both the presentations and the exhibits.”


Foster Our Future audience demographics

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Please be advised that participants should refrain from discussion with representatives from federal agencies on the formulation, modification, or adoption of Federal legislation (including legislative proposals), a Federal rule, regulation, Executive order, or any other program, policy, or position of the United States Government; – the administration or execution of a Federal program or policy (including the negotiation, award, or administration of a Federal contract, grant, loan, permit, or license); or – the nomination or confirmation of a person for a position subject to confirmation by the Senate.