The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) hosted Foster Our Future – a first-of-its-kind event in Washington, DC. This exciting food and agriculture event featured:

  • Game-changing research technology and innovation demonstrations
  • Examples of scientific breakthroughs brought to life
  • Celebrations of the impact food and agriculture has had on consumers and producers
  • The newest research talent
  • Highlights of the importance of continued research investment


FFAR’s Foster Our Future included interactive exhibits and inspiring discussions. Participants saw, heard and interacted with displays highlighting research FFAR supports and other scientific breakthroughs.

FFAR thanks our friends and sponsors who attended the event.

Stay tuned for more information about Foster Our Future.


Foster Our Future


Rose Barbuto, Executive Director of External Relations and Policy, Farm Journal Foundation

Julie Borlaug, Vice President Communications & Public Relations, Inari Communications Inc.

Jason Clay, Senior Vice President, Food & Markets Executive Director, Markets Institute World Wildlife Fund

Jane DeMarchi, Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs, American Seed Trade Association

Erin Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance

Mike McCloskey, Chief Executive Officer, Select Milk Producers

Howard Yana-Shapiro, Chief Agricultural Officer, Mars Advanced Research Institute Fellow, Mars, Incorporated


Foster Our Future


Foster Our Future

Please be advised that participants should refrain from discussion with representatives from federal agencies on the formulation, modification, or adoption of Federal legislation (including legislative proposals), a Federal rule, regulation, Executive order, or any other program, policy, or position of the United States Government; – the administration or execution of a Federal program or policy (including the negotiation, award, or administration of a Federal contract, grant, loan, permit, or license); or – the nomination or confirmation of a person for a position subject to confirmation by the Senate.