The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) invites you to join Foster Our Future – in Washington, DC, on February 5, 2020. This exciting food and agriculture event will…

  • Demonstrate game-changing research technology and innovation
  • Inspire future agriculture research by bringing scientific breakthroughs to life
  • Celebrate the impact food and agriculture has on consumers and producers
  • Showcase research talent
  • Highlight the importance of continued research investment

Join FFAR for interactive exhibits and inspiring discussions. Discover how research and science is changing the food and agriculture landscape. Wander through exhibits, see, hear and interact with science brought to life. In 2019, approximately 500 attendees from 250+ organizations participated. 37 sponsors supported exhibits including…

  • A virtual reality vertical farm and lettuce grown without soil or sun
  • A real-life beehive and beekeeper to demonstrate pollinator health
  • Innovative research from the brightest young scientists and FFAR awardees


Rose Barbuto, Chief Executive Officer, Crystal Strategies, LLC

Jason Clay, Senior Vice President, Food & Markets Executive Director, Markets Institute World Wildlife Fund

Erin Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance

Paul Hoppe, Chief Operating Officer, ViraSu Ltd.

Donna Lanzetta, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Manna Fish Farms, Inc.

Dan Silverstein, Strategic Advisor, Heuristic Management, LLC


Interested in learning more about Foster Our Future? Visit the Foster Our Future 2019 pages to find information on previous speakers, sponsors and registered organizations from our inaugural signature event.

Please be advised that participants should refrain from discussion with representatives from federal agencies on the formulation, modification, or adoption of Federal legislation (including legislative proposals), a Federal rule, regulation, Executive order, or any other program, policy, or position of the United States Government; – the administration or execution of a Federal program or policy (including the negotiation, award, or administration of a Federal contract, grant, loan, permit, or license); or – the nomination or confirmation of a person for a position subject to confirmation by the Senate.