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AgMission™ Grant Aims to Improve Climate-Smart Farming Adoption

Generating AgMission Solutions
Generating AgMission Solutions

Program Contact

Allison Thomson

Year Awarded  2022

FFAR award amount   $150,000

Total award amount   $400,000

Location   Federal Way, WA

Program   AgMission

Matching Funders   Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and World Vision

What is the problem this research is tackling?

Climate-smart agriculture has the potential to increase productivity, adapt crops and livestock to changing climates and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. A variety of climate-smart farming practices and technologies exist; however, their adoption by farmers is believed to be low, particularly in low and middle income countries.

Barriers to small-scale farmer adoption of climate-smart agriculture include poor access, limited knowledge, inability to take risks, weak financing mechanisms and lack of rapidly attractive value propositions

Why this research is important

Through a series of assessments, World Vision is validating suitable practices and strategies for farmers, with a particular emphasis on gender equity and social inclusion. The study focuses on the poorest farmers, women-led farming households, young farmers and those with very small farms.

While the research specifically assesses climate-smart practices in India, Kenya and Bangladesh, it is possible that valuable insights can also be applied elsewhere. The World Vision, IDS and ODI team will analyze trends in climate smart farming and its financing and identify successes in promoting climate-smart agriculture especially in low and lower middle income countries.

AgMission is connecting farmers, ranchers and scientists to increase collaboration, accelerate adoption of climate-smart solutions and create impact. Identifying what programs, policies and incentive strategies are successful at advancing climate-smart practices is a foundational part of mobilizing greater adoption globally. Collaboration is another central part of the work. World Vision’s experience working with local farming communities in India, Kenya and Bangladesh will be key to unlocking the opportunities for climate-smart agriculture adoption. Allison Thomson
Scientific Program Director
Sustaining Vibrant Agroecosystems

Details About this Research

In collaboration with researchers at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex (IDS) and ODI, World Vision technical specialists will evaluate farmers’ access to inputs, resources and education within and across the three countries and examine how access varies between small-scale groups. This research will be complemented with an assessment of the enabling environment for climate-smart innovations and their adoption, including policies, regulations, the contribution of the private sector and farmer and civil society organizations.

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