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Dr. LaKisha Odom

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About the FoodShot Global Challenge

Achieving systemic change in the global food system means taking big risks – approaches that are radically new, not just incrementally better. Each year, FoodShot Global launches a FoodShot ­­Challenge— a Moonshot for Better Food ­­— to create a food system that is healthier, more sustainable and more equitable. The annual FoodShot identifies a pivotal, systemic challenge facing our food system and puts forward a vision that turns that challenge into opportunities for scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. FoodShot Global and FFAR then deploy funding via the GroundBreaker Prize to catalyze best-in-class, scalable, impactful and inspired solutions. Together, we are forging a food future that can nourish and sustain the planet and its global citizens.

FoodShot Global is a collaboration between venture funds, banks, corporations, universities and foundations to improve our food system. FoodShot Global specifically supports research that optimizes yields and environmental health. These prizes fund research that specifically identifies technological and ecological tools. Awardees also receive with guidance, mentorship and resources to maximize the impact and scale of their research.

Application Guidelines

How do I apply?

Please visit FoodShot Global for information about the FoodShot Challenges, eligibility, deadlines and details on how to apply.