Request for Information: Designing a Global Digital Integration Hub to Enhance Collaboration

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Allison Thomson, AgMission Program Director

Grants Team

This opportunity is closed. RFI Report is available on this webpage.

Request for Information: Designing a Global Digital Integration Hub to Enhance Producer and Researcher Collaboration

AgMission™ seeks input into the development of a new digital integration hub to enhance collaboration between agricultural researchers and agricultural producers as a core element of its program to accelerate the adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA). AgMission is a collaboration of the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research and the World Farmers’ Organisation to co-develop CSA solutions to achieve net zero emissions and bolster adaptation and resilience to climate change globally.

Forging closer links between agricultural producers, who implement CSA practices, and agricultural scientists, who study the greenhouse gas mitigation potential and resilience benefits of these practices, has been identified as an important step towards building the trust and understanding necessary to increase adoption. Central to the approach of AgMission research is the understanding that farmers and ranchers must have a seat at the table and direct involvement in the development of CSA strategies and practices so that solutions co-developed with researchers are practical and actionable, as well as scientifically robust.

Therefore, AgMission is considering investing in development of a digital integration hub. The objective of the integration hub would be two-fold: to facilitate transparency and accessibility of agricultural research to agriculture producers, and to provide a conduit for insights and feedback from producers to inform research priorities and design. The resulting research insights would therefore incorporate and reflect the knowledge and experience of practitioners.

Through this Request for Information (RFI), AgMission seeks input from agricultural producers, scientists, technology developers and other agricultural stakeholders to further define the scope and requirements that would provide the most value to the targeted user communities.

Application Guidelines

Who should respond to this RFI?

Any person or organization with an interest in participating in a digital connection space that fosters collaboration between agricultural researchers and producers to advance Climate Smart Agriculture, including but not limited to:

  • Agronomists, soil scientists, crop scientists, and other researchers engaged in the study of crop and livestock systems in both the public and private sector, in all world regions.
  • Extension researchers and educators engaged in on-farm agriculture research.
  • Farmers, ranchers and other agricultural producers.
  • Farmer organizations and non-profit organizations working directly with farmers.
  • Agricultural stakeholders conducting direct work with farmers and farmer organizations, including NGOs, agricultural retailers, food companies and other private sector groups.
  • Digital tool developers with insights into the design requirements for identifying connections and ensuring participant privacy and security.

In the spirit of the multi-stakeholder approach that guides the AgMission Program, respondents are encouraged to present shared ideas.

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