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Science for Sustainable Agricultural Transitions Literature Review Request for Proposals (RFP)

Open Opportunity

Program Contact

Allison Thomson

Proposals due: August 2, 2024

About the Science for Sustainable Agricultural Transitions Literature Review


FFAR is seeking a researcher to conduct a scientific literature review of recent social, behavioral and economic research on transitions to sustainable agricultural practices and systems, particularly those with an identified and scientifically informed environmental or health benefit such as reducing nutrient loss to the environment, improving animal health and welfare, or supporting soil health and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. The researcher will initiate the exploration of social science literature, potentially to include business and/or economics literature, relating to the adoption of conservation practices, private sector drivers in U.S. agricultural systems and other topics as mutually identified to advance our understanding of the underlying structural barriers, constraints and opportunities for adoption of conservation practices.


The objective of this short-term research agreement is to conduct a literature review of the relevant social, behavioral and economic research and develop a white paper on the state of academic research relevant to this topic. This work may be used to inform a future FFAR research program. We are seeking a scientist with expertise in the social sciences and experience conducting literature reviews and familiarity with U.S. agricultural supply chains and stakeholder organizations.

The primary task is evaluating recent literature and relevant reports and drafting of a white paper on critical research needs related to barriers and opportunities for agricultural transitions and transformations in U.S. crop and animal production. The white paper should assess published literature and literature syntheses regarding the topics listed below and identify areas of research community consensus (or lack) on key conclusions and future research needs. Particular focus should be given to literature reflecting upstream factors (e.g. private sector incentives/interventions) influencing the capacity and willingness of individuals and populations to act. The final work product should also indicate emerging areas of research on barriers and enabling factors that are not yet mature enough for synthesis. This work will proceed in consultation with FFAR staff and stakeholders.

This is anticipated to be a part-time six-month contract. FFAR will select a candidate by September 2024 and the main deliverable is due by March 2025. This work will be conducted remotely and include regular video calls with FFAR and partner organizations.

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