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Proposing A Research Concept

We fund food and agriculture science that addresses large-scale challenges to develop actionable knowledge and solutions. We fund research focusing on our cross-cutting Priority Areas.

Another important aspect of our grants are the public-private partnerships. Some funding opportunities require applicants and grantees to secure matching funds. In other cases, we secure matching funds before announcing the opportunity. Please consider potential matching funders when proposing a research concept.

Our Funding & Approval Process begins with collecting broad input, includes a rigorous review process and culminates with funding the highest-quality research. Hearing from the agriculture community ensures that our research is relevant to American farmers and scientists. As such, we are interested in hearing your research concept.

Application Guidelines

Who can apply?

We welcome all individuals and groups to propose a research concept.

When does the application window close?

This portal is open year-round.

How are research concepts evaluated?

Every complete submission undergoes a rigorous review process to ensure we fund bold science addressing big challenges in the U.S. food system.

What are we looking for?

While we prefer research concepts that align with our Priority Areas, we welcome pioneering research concepts that nimbly address pressing challenges in the U.S. food and agriculture industry. Before submitting a concept, we encourage you to review our existing Open Opportunities.

How many concepts can I propose?

You can propose more than one research concept.