Assembling FFAR Advisory Councils

Sally Rockey, Ph.D.

Executive Director Emeritus

We are a small organization with big ideas. But our ability to transform these ideas into research programs will be greatly aided by extending ourselves into our community where the knowledge, experience and insight of what’s important in food and agriculture research is at hand. Today, we are pleased to take the first step toward forming FFAR Advisory Councils; providing FFAR with the expertise to know what we need to know.

One thing that became apparent to me very quickly after my “reentry” into the food and agriculture world is the incredible number of organizations and groups who have creative ideas for how food and agriculture research will propel our ability to sustainably nourish the world’s growing population. The combination of the sheer volume of research ideas and the pace at which science is moving today, means “getting the lay of the land” in this vast agricultural research landscape becomes a challenge to say the least.  One way to overcome the challenge is to use our partners and colleagues to help bring some order to the issues confronting the food and agriculture system where FFAR resources will make a significant impact and where there is possibility for private/public partnerships. Our close relationship with the U.S. Department of Agriculture is one way that we keep our ear to the rail. Our Board of Directors also will continue to be one of our most valuable resources and our guiding light when it comes to charting the course for FFAR.

Advisory Councils we are working to assemble through the nomination process we announced today, will stretch FFAR expertise even further to allow us to stay tuned into the ever-advancing food and agriculture sciences and determine the researchable questions that would benefit most from a FFAR investment.

FFAR’s Advisory Councils will be composed of scientific and stakeholder experts whose collective knowledge and experience spans the swath of issues that fall under FFAR’s seven research target areas.

The Councils will provide guidance and recommendations to the FFAR staff and board as we develop programming, identify opportunities for scientific innovation and evaluate research proposals.

Advisory Council members will have a big job ahead of them as we are a fledgling organization that is formulating its path for the future. But seeing the great outpouring of support for FFAR during its formative first months makes me confident that many of you will want to be part of what will certainly be an exciting time for us and for the agriculture and food research system.  To put a bit of icing on the cake, we are going to do all we can to make being part of a FFAR advisory council as easy as possible and are exploring how we can take advantage of today’s technology to have virtual meetings wherever possible. So those of you who come on board with us, have your avatars ready for an April start date!

Would you like to join us or do you have someone in mind who is a great forward thinker in food and agriculture research? Submit your nominations here.

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