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Partner Spotlight: Benson Hill

Matt Crisp

CEO at Benson Hill

Washington, DC

The traditional food system – focused on quantity, often at the expense of quality – cannot meet the major consumer demand for more nutritious, tastier, more sustainable food choices. Benson Hill’s inclusive approach allows us to focus on both and to link growers with consumer-driven food trends.

Through our CropOS® technology platform, we are leveraging the natural genetic diversity of plants to deliver seed innovation that enables healthier, better tasting, more sustainable and more affordable food and ingredient options.

We have expanded our network of committed farmers and are collaborating with innovative growers who recognize the opportunity presented by this growing demand.

Combined with our technology platform, Benson Hill’s collaboration and integration across the value chain is key to our success.

Through FFAR’s Precision Indoor Plants (PIP) Collaborative, we are working with like-minded peers and even competitors from across the industry who value collaborations and partnerships to develop tastier produce adapted for indoor growth. We are also working together, through Crops of the Future, to make significant sustainability gains and accelerate the development of crops, such as yellow pea, that have traditionally received less attention and research funding, to optimize them to meet market demand.

Working together we are able tackle complex and challenging projects that, even with advancements in technology, would take decades for any single company to go it alone. We are able to develop the infrastructure that everyone can use before going our separate ways to bring innovative products to market.

Partnering with FFAR also helps to minimize investment risk that comes with undertaking these long-term, often costly, projects, while also increasing the probability of success through collaboration.

FFAR is a valued partner on Benson Hill’s mission to deliver food made better from the beginning.

Matt Crisp, CEO at Benson Hill

Matt is an entrepreneur, executive and former venture capitalist who is passionate about connecting technology and business with purpose to deliver global impact. He has developed a passion for how different types of innovation can deliver unique and significant value creation opportunities and impact, particularly in food and agriculture. He most enjoys empowering his colleagues, partners and stakeholders to help realize the vision of a healthier, more sustainable and more accessible food system.