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Partner Profile: FMC

Julie DiNatale Headshot

Julie DiNatale

FMC vice president and chief sustainability officer

Philadelphia, PA

FMC is a global agricultural sciences company that advances farming with innovative crop protection solutions. FMC works with farmers around the world to address their most pressing challenges while supporting adoption of climate-smart practices. FMC depends on partnerships with organizations like FFAR to accelerate our work to develop new technologies that increase the productivity, sustainability and resilience of farms globally.

However, technology and innovation are only part of the solution. To sustainably feed a growing population, we must empower all participants in the agriculture sector, including women. More than 36% of women globally and the more than 60% of women in Africa and Asia are employed in agri-food systems. Women contribute to agriculture in many different roles and are responsible for more than 50% of food production worldwide. Importantly, many do this while also being the primary caregivers for their families. Despite women’s importance to the agriculture sector, their role is often marginalized and opportunities for economic and social empowerment limited. That’s why we were thrilled when FFAR asked us to lead a discussion on gender equity in agriculture during the 2023 AIM for Climate Summit in Washington, D.C.

The discussion, Tomorrow’s Harvest: The Essential Role of Women in Agriculture, engaged participants in a dialogue about solutions to increase representation and equitable opportunities for women in agriculture. Solutions focused on tackling discrimination and unequal access to resources and steps to ensure women fully benefit from agricultural innovation. Dina Esposito, assistant to the administrator for the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security (RFS) at USAID, presented the challenge and call to action: to create a world free from hunger, we must confront the gender inequalities endemic in agri-food systems and empower women in all parts of the agriculture sector.

FMC looks forward to continuing our partnership with FFAR to improve access and opportunity for women and underrepresented farmers globally.