Partner Profile: University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS)

J. Scott Angle

Gainesville, FL

UF/IFAS was a generous sponsor of FFAR’s Integrating Soil Biogeochemistry and Fertilizer Sciences to Improve Ecosystem Services Across Agricultural Landscapes Convening Event.

Why is research into enhanced efficiency fertilizers so important in our current agricultural climate?

Enhanced efficacy fertilizers (EEFs) are important to growers, environmentalists and legislators because of their ability to reduce nutrient loss. Soil nutrient loss can reduce yields and impact growers economically, but it can also cause significant environmental impacts.

EEFs increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption which means growers can use less fertilizer and increase yields. A win for the environment and the grower.

At UF/IFAS, we have researchers across the state identifying ways to improve fertilizer efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. Growers are often tasked with feeding more people with less. Less land, less water, less impact to the environment – and UF/IFAS is here to help them meet that goal. EEF research is just one part of the puzzle, but an important one.

What was the catalyst to join the BGC x Fertilizer Research Partnership?

One of the USDA’s goals is to increase crop production while simultaneously reducing fertilizer use.

UF/IFAS is one of the few organizations in the world with all the tools to achieve these seemingly divergent goals. Therefore, it’s essential we are involved.

How can partnerships between organizations like FFAR and UF/IFAS advance innovation in agriculture?

Agriculture faces complex challenges that require innovative solutions. Partners like FFAR provide support for UF/IFAS researchers to use their time and talent to solve these complex issues. Additionally, working with FFAR allows UF/IFAS scientists to collaborate with research faculty across the country to develop creative and dynamic solutions to the most urgent problems.

About the Author

Scott Angle, Ph.D., Vice-President at UF/IFAS

Dr. J. Scott Angle is a national leader in developing the science that supports food production and management of natural resources. As chief executive of the agriculture and environmental sciences arm of a leading land-grant university, he champions public science as a path to improve lives and reduce human suffering.

Dr. Angle leads nearly 2,300 employees who work in all 67 Florida counties. UF/IFAS encompasses the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the Florida Cooperative Extension Service and the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station.