Partner Profile: Walmart Foundation

Rachel Spencer

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Partner Spotlight: Walmart Foundation

The Walmart Foundation is proud to partner with FFAR to support food waste and loss research and improve food system sustainability. Collaborating with FFAR complements our funding for innovative programs to reduce food waste at the farm, retail and consumer levels.

Research to reduce food waste and combat food insecurity is more important than ever. FFAR and the Walmart Foundation funded a report from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, “A National Strategy to Reduce Food Waste at the Consumer Level,” to study the cultural and societal drivers of food waste among consumers. Released in August 2020, the report also examines strategies to alter consumer behavior to reduce waste levels. Three pathways were identified to curb food waste:

  • Change the U.S. food environment to discourage waste by consumers
  • Strengthen consumers’ motivation, opportunity, and ability to reduce food waste
  • Leverage and apply research findings and technology to support consumers in food waste reduction

As COVID-19 continues to pose unique and pressing challenges to our industry, reducing food waste requires cooperation on all fronts. Collaboration allows for greater application and impact of the food waste reduction strategies identified in the Walmart Foundation and FFAR funded report. The Walmart Foundation values collaborative opportunities and continues to strive toward positive change in the health of our community and beyond. To learn more about the philanthropic efforts of Walmart and The Walmart Foundation, visit


Rachel Spencer is a Senior Manager of Sustainable Food Systems for, focusing on food waste and loss and food safety. Rachel previously worked for the USDA to advance community food systems. She is a former FoodCorps service member and fellow and holds degrees in public health and agricultural economics.

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