Research Project:

Dr. Kisekka’s innovative research is aimed at improving water productivity in agriculture. His research will integrate data related to agricultural water use from a number of sources including soils, weather, and plant-based measurements to develop methods and tools for optimizing water use in agriculture. If successful, this research will lead to more farmers adopting proven irrigation techniques and provide tools for optimizing water use in agriculture across a variety of crops.

kisekka_photoAbout Dr. Isaya Kisekka

Assistant Professor, Kansas State University

Isaya Kisekka is an assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering at Kansas State University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida. His research and extension program focuses on developing precision irrigation technologies and water management strategies for improving water productivity and profitability of water limited cropping systems in the US Central High Plains. Dr. Kisekka has led the development of a hybrid system that integrates drip irrigation with center pivot sprinkler irrigation called Mobile Drip Irrigation (MDI). His also led the development of a model-driven decision support tool (iCrop) that can be used for optimizing water allocation, irrigation scheduling, and climate change impact assessment.