Dr. Carolyn Lawrence-Dill Joins FFAR’s Board of Directors

Washington, DC

WASHINGTON (August 26, 2022) – The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) is thrilled to announce that Dr. Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, associate dean of research and discovery for the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) at Iowa State University, is joining FFAR’s Board of Directors.

Mark E. Keenum
Dr. Lawrence-Dill is a pioneering leader in the food and agriculture industry. Her expertise in plant biology and research administration will be an essential addition to the board. We look forward to incorporating Dr. Lawrence-Dill’s unique insights on plant phenotyping into FFAR’s research goals. Mark E. Keenum, Ph.D.
Chair, FFAR Board of Directors
Mississippi State University

In her research role, Lawrence-Dill creates tools to automate data analysis and provide unique data storage solutions. These tools help other researchers to accomplish their research goals more efficiently. Lawrence-Dill and her team apply these computational tools to improve crop science. Specifically, the tools leverage plant genetics and genomics information to better understand basic biology and improve crops. These skills are the basis for her administrative efforts to transition the CALS research enterprise into a more data-driven paradigm.

Prior to her time at Iowa State University, Lawrence-Dill worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, where she directed the maize model organism database MaizeGDB. She also led the North American Plant Phenotyping Network, which coordinates the plant phenotyping community across North America. During her time as chair, Lawrence-Dill formally founded the organization as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity as a signature activity.

Carolyn Lawrence Dill headshot
I’m excited to help to shape FFAR’s ongoing efforts to get research outcomes into the hands of producers and consumers. I’ve always said I want to help researchers go farther faster. For me, working with FFAR will be a new way to do just that. Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research & Discovery
Iowa State University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Lawrence-Dill holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Hendrix College. She earned a master’s degree in biology from Texas Tech University and a doctorate degree in botany from the University of Georgia.

“Dr. Lawrence-Dill’s impressive research background, data expertise and her contributions to advancing agriculture will be an asset to FFAR,” said Interim Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer Julie Reynes. “We are excited to have Dr. Lawrence-Dill join FFAR’s prestigious Board of Directors.”


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