FFAR-OCP Disruptive Technology Fellows Program


Dr. LaKisha Odom

Development Contact

Catherine Maxwell

About the FFAR-OCP Disruptive Technology Fellows Program

The FFAR-OCP Disruptive Technology Fellows Program, also called the FFAR-OCP Fellowship, aims to spur and foster disruptive innovation in the next generation of fertilizer research and development through a research challenge, whereby emerging young scientists in agriculture research can enhance their efforts in fertilizer efficiency research and technology development. The technologies and research generated through this project will address the need for increasing plant uptake of essential macronutrients and limit the loss of inputs – which contribute largely to water and marine ecosystem damage – while boosting productivity.

The next application cycle will open in spring 2023

Awardees will receive a maximum of $75,000 that covers 12-24 months of funding to conduct projects in fertilizer efficiency research and technology development that have already demonstrated promise in a first phase of research.

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