International Consortium for Antimicrobial Stewardship
in Agriculture

What is ICASA?

ICASA is an industry-oriented program that supports multiple projects on antimicrobial stewardship and resistance. The program is a vehicle for collaboration and exposure to new ideas, while leveraging resources and de-risking R&D. ICASA is nimble – funding projects quickly, bringing in expertise as necessary, and delivering results with a simple governance structure. Overall, ICASA enables participants to drive significant advances that benefit both the public and private sectors, with $7.5 million in funding and administrative support from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR).

ICASA will support diverse projects related to antimicrobial stewardship. Example projects may include, but are not be limited to: 

  • Development of diagnostic tests and methods for pathogen detection
    • May include genetic-based (e.g. CRISPR or microfluidics), cell-based or other approaches
  • Development and evaluation of supplements and biologics as alternatives to antibiotics
    • May include mechanism of action, target validation
    • May include best practices and efficacy in commercial settings
  • Electronic systems for data tracking and analysis
    • May include approaches to collecting and analyzing data that enable the evaluation of pre-slaughter interventions (such as breeding, non-antibiotic alternatives and diagnostics) on food-safety, performance and quality

Participants receive:

  • Funding to expand or initiate projects
  • Data and results from other projects funded through ICASA
  • Ability to partner with like-minded organizations across the value chain
  • Opportunity to leverage critical resources and knowledge for scale
  • Option to negotiate non-exclusive license to Intellectual Property arising from all projects

How does ICASA work?

ICASA offers a mechanism for leveraging private-sector investments in stewardship projects. Participant contributions, including cash (salaries, equipment purchases) and in-kind (facility access, materials, data), are used to calculate the ICASA funding available on a per project basis. Each project must have the support of 2 or more Participants. Participants will form a committee to help guide decisions on new projects and directions for the Consortium.


Founding Participants are those that commit to joining ICASA prior to December 31, 2018. Benefits for Founding Participants include:

  • Recognition in all print and digital materials, including press releases and other communications
  • Funding for projects
  • Can appoint employees/researchers to project teams
  • Early access to data generated from all projects funded through ICASA
  • Worldwide, non-exclusive license to IP generated from all projects

Who Should Consider Joining?

  • Producer Associations
  • Packer/Processors
  • Quick Service Restaurant and Retail Companies
  • Animal Health Companies
  • Non-profits / NGOs

Webinar Information

FFAR hosted an informational webinar on September 12, 2018 about getting involved in ICASA. Please see the slides from the webinar for more information.

For More Information

Tim Kurt, DVM, Ph.D.
FFAR Scientific Program Director