Crops of the Future is a public-private collaborative established by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research to enhance US and global agriculture by developing the crops needed to feed a growing population. The collaborative aims to expand our knowledge of the genes and traits that give rise to the characteristics crops need to adapt to a changing future.


Keeping farmers competitive and profitable requires developing products at an unprecedented pace. Yet, research and development can be financially risky. With industry consolidation, companies are facing greater investment in commercialization over research. This trend makes it challenging and expensive for companies to independently maintain cost-competitive research programs.

However, participation in research consortia allows companies to effectively address these issues.

The Crops of the Future Collaborative allows participants to collectively explore multiple areas of research based on a common need while minimizing risk prior to pursuing the research internally. FFAR established this Collaborative to address significant research gaps common across the industry.


Accelerate our ability to develop the crops that benefit humanity now and in the future by increasing our understanding of the relationship between traits, genes and the environment.


Crops of the Future will accelerate discoveries in ways not possible in the past. Scientific breakthroughs have allowed scientists to sequence crop genomes and use these sequences to understand how specific genes translate into traits that help plants thrive in the field. The Crops of the Future Collaborative will build on these advancements, and others in crop breeding and modeling, to accelerate our ability to meet future demands on the food system.
Established with an initial $10 million commitment from FFAR, and matched by contributions from participants, Crops of the Future is investing $20 million to further crop science. Collaborative participants jointly define the research issues, pool resources and knowledge and use the research outcomes to compete in the marketplace.
The Crops of the Future Collaborative will develop resilient crops with genes and traits that allow them to thrive despite pests, pathogens and extreme weather. Additionally, the research will focus on increasing crop diversity and crops with higher nutritional content.

The Crops of the Future Collaborative research can yield traits needed to meet global nutritional demands in a changing environment by focusing in three key areas:

1) Crop resilience
2) Crop diversity
3) Market development for new crops

Initial research projects focus on maize, leafy greens, wheat and small grains.

Gene Sequencing

Crop Breeding




Crops of the Future convenes companies and global research organizations working to develop new crop varieties that address challenges in food and agriculture. The diverse array of participants represents many aspects of the agriculture industry, including seed companies, technology companies and other stakeholders from the value chain. FFAR welcomes new participants interested in pooling resources to develop a common vision to address big challenges facing agriculture. The participants include:


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